In the Dwarrow Scholar Library you will find dictionaries, articles, support documents, translations tools and plugins, which are ALL available absolutely FREE. The aim of this library is to provide you with all the information you would ever need regarding the dwarves of J.R.R. Tolkien. Whether you are looking for information about their language, their culture or their customs, you've come to the right place. 

Dwarvish Font

More details on the Neo-Sindarin Plugin can be found HERE

Support Documents*

These "Support Documents" are materials that expand on a specific topic. They are listed in the order in which  I started to work on them. Though these documents are aimed to provide further information to support the lessons provided on this site, they are not lessons themselves.

*  These files are made available for free download through Dropbox, you do NOT require a Dropbox account to download these files.

*  Important Note on File Sizes:  The two "Full" dictionaries linked here are very large .PDF files (over 100MB each) and as such might be very challenging to work with for some computers. For this reason "Compressed" versions of these have been made available (4 pages per page), that should make searching for content easier and faster. If you however are having challenges using these versions it is recommended to use the translation tool in  MS Excel (see below).

The Neo-Khuzdul Translation Tool (in MS Excel) allows the user to translate lines from English into Neo-Khuzdul, including phonetic and cirth script. Further info on this tool can be found HERE.

Introduction Video

Document related to Neo-Khuzdul are in a blue/red box, where non-language related documents are in  a green/yellow box. New documents have been marked with a tiny red band in the corner.  Documents in a white box are currently being worked on (do not have an active link).

Some links may temporarily not work and the layout may be affected. Thank you for your patience.

Below you will find links to articles written by The Dwarrow Scholar on all things dwarvish, on a variety of topics (in no particular order).

Articles in light blue boxes are from the wordpress blog, those in pink are answers of tumblr asks.


"The Annals of the Dwarves" are a collection of dwarvish stories, told from a dwarvish point of view.

The Dwarrow Scholar takes us on a fascinating journey among the Dwarves of the Seven Clans spanning over 12.000 years, exploring large periods of unknown and untold histories, carefully respecting Tolkien's lore.

Dive into the little known history of our beloved bearded delvers as seen in Lord of the Rings Online, ICE MERP and Old Norse legends; lovingly delving into a selection of the J.R.R. Tolkien's writings on the dwarves,

stunningly illustrated by renowned artist Linda Nordberg

Why are dwarves in Forochel? What was the Ironspan? And why is there a statue of a dwarf in Bree? Uncover these LotRO secrets, and many more like it, in this FREE fan-fiction tribute to the brilliant work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

We've all heard the elves tell their tales of the elder days... high time we let the dwarves do the talking.

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Translation Tools

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Memrise Course


More details on the Neo-Khuzdul Plugin can be found HERE

To enable all to type in Dwarvish runes a font "DTS Dwarvish" was made (using Fontstruct™).  Further Details of this FREE font can be found HERE





How to install?

1) Click on the image of DWARF or ELF above to download the desired plugin freely (via dropbox link). If you wish to download both in one go click HERE.

2) Drop the unzipped “Simbo” folder in your Lord of the Rings Online “plugins” folder. In case you already have a plugin by Simbo (which you really should have to be honest), you’ll have to drop the contents of it into the already existing Simbo folder.

Annals of the Dwarves


Khuzdul is the language of the Dwarves in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium set in Middle-earth.   
For these Neo-khuzdul documents both the original Tolkien material, David Salo's Neo-Khuzdul and Khuzdul used in SSG's LoTRO have been used.  
This is my personal interpretation of Tolkien's dwarvish language, I do not claim this content to be canon.   
This document is an interpretation of Tolkien's work and any Khuzdul-related material, all rights are reserved for their proper owners.  
Any reference to The Lord of the Rings Online or any other brand name is not meant to claim ownership of material.