On my travels I've met many kind, supportive and fantastic people who have become dear friends. 
I have no doubt some of their websites may also be of interest to you.

Hence, via the main menu links on this site (or links below) you will be taken to the sites of friends, interesting sites,

and friendly websites that have linked to me (affiliates). 

Do let me know if you post a link to dwarrowscholar.com and I may link to yours here too.


REALELVISH.NET – Learn Elvish? Look no further…

This site truly offers you all you need to know on Sindarin and Quenya.


HEIRS OF DURIN – no longer updated, but still a good source on the Dwarves of Durin’s Line…

A site jam-packed with info on the Dwarves (mainly on the cast of The Hobbit Movies, though not exclusively)


LINDA NORDBERG – absolutely amazing artist

Linda Nordberg makes breathtaking watercolour illustrations (as seen in the "Annals of the Dwarves"). You'll find her stunning creations on her tumbr blog.


LOTRO PLAYERS – Playing lotro? Then this site is a must-check-out!

LOTRO Players is a community by LotRO players for LotRO players aiming to grow the LotRO community and promote great content.


THE ROLLING KEGS – THE Dwarven Music Band

The most awesome Dwarven Music Band on LoTRO (Laurelin), lead by yours truly.


DURIN’S FOLK – THE Dwarven Kinship on LoTRO (Laurelin)

Mature Dwarf-only RP-Kinship with ceremonial uniforms, RP ranks, kin house, regular events and a friendly, helpful environment. 
Events are military drills; Khuzdul Lessons, Tavern Games; the Dwarrow Ting, multi-week campaigns, etc…

Join me, Kandral Strongbeard, Uzbad of the Kinship of Durin's Folk.



The Tablets of Khazadgund will provide you news, trade info, notices, recipes, art, entombment information and a dwarf events calendar.

Everything you would expect from a newspaper basically


THE HARNKEGGER GAMES - LoTRO's very own Olympics

Once a year athletes from all over Middle Earth head to Thorin's Hall for the Harnkegger Games, THE sporting event that is not to be missed.

Have a LoTRO character? Want to win glory or a pile of Turbine Points? Then don't miss this year's edition!


THE PRANCING PONY PODCAST - Amazing Tolkien Podcast

A biweekly podcast on all of Tolkien's legendarium, hosted by fantastic hosts Alan Sisto and Shawn E. Marchese. 
You can hear their passion in their discussions. Everyone can learn something new from these two. Highly recommended for everyone!