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Love what you do! You totally blow my mind with your posts every time.

How can one person know so much about the dwarves?

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The Dwarrow Scholar is a well-known and broad resource for information about Tolkien's dwarves. It is particularly known for having the largest Neo-Khuzdul dictionary, which is freely available. It also has a large amount of information about dwarven customs, physiology, geography, etc.  Fan creators often rely on The Dwarrow Scholar to help make their fanworks about dwarves more canon compliant or to add Khuzdul words and phrases to them.

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... man, your hard work, dedication and passion is truly unrivaled.

I can read your blog for hours on end, I'm hooked.


The Dwarrow Scholar on Twitch

The love and time you've invested is the stuff of legends. At last some answers to the questions I've had for years.


I don't know any other person that is such a treasure for fanfic-writers and (LA)RPers alike. All that effort, all that content... and all of it made available for FREE.

You are truly the Arkenstone of our mountain.